Advances in Refractory and Reactive Metals and Alloys
(ARRMA - 2016)
27-29 January - 2016, Multipurpose Hall, TSH, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai, India
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Refractory and reactive metal based materials are used in various power generating devices and space vehicles. The refractory metals Nb, Ta, Mo, W and Re, and their alloys possess superior high temperature properties. Some of the materials based on reactive metals Ti, Zr, Hf and V are already in use in nuclear power reactors.

Ultra high purity Nb metal and Nb-Ti alloys are in application for high power proton accelerators. A variety of alloys and composites are being studied as the replacement of nickel-based superalloys for the jet engine and stationery gas turbines.

The main aim of the conference is to exchange the ideas and knowledge of the experts working on various scientific and technical aspects concerning extraction, processing, applications, properties and behavior of refractory and reactive metal based advanced materials suitable for different technological areas such as High Temperature Nuclear Power Reactors, Accelerator Driven Systems, Fusion Devices, Turbines, Space Re-entry vehicles, Military appliances etc.

Conference Date : 27-29 January, 2016

Conference Venue : Multipurpose Hall, TSH, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai, India

J. K. Chakravartty
Director, Materials Group, BARC

Sanjib Majumdar
Materials Group, BARC

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Important Dates

Receipt of registration fee : November 10, 2015
Submission of full text of paper : November 15, 2015

The selected papers will be published in Elsevier Journal 'Materials Today : Proceedings'

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